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Smart payment solution  built for Africa


We believe that payment is backbone of any internet business focused on sales, hence we are making payment as fast as receiving payment in 10 minutes.

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Data and Analysis
Creative Elements

Corepay gives you incredible insight on transaction behavioral pattern of your customers, when using your product / service. Also keep track of both successful and unsuccessful transaction with stages and reasons

Fraud Protection

Protection against fraud is top on the list. Based on our studies over time, we have built 200 fraud rules to protect you from fraud. We also screen every transaction by IP, history, geolocation etc. to proactively identify fraudulent transactions.


Businesses always strive to gain new territory and new customers with same infrastructure that why we are currently testing this feature, giving your ability to charge and collect payment from different currency

Start receiving payment in minutes

Setup your account within 2-3mins and start receiving payment within minutes